01.05.2023 Thank you Nefiltravanae Kino Short Film Festival! Green Desert was awarded „Best Videoart & Experimental Work“ as well as the Special Mention by the Jury for „brilliant cinematography“ in the 9th edition of the festival – thank you! Nefiltravanae Kino Short Film Festival has a focus on independent and art house cinema and was until recently the last remaining independent Film Festival in Belarus until it was now cancelled by the government. 

01.05.2023 Ready for Italy! Green Desert is officially selected for the Fashion FFF Milano – Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023 which is taking place as part of the Milan Fashion Week. Among others, legendary Miss Fame (photo) will be part of this year’s jury. 


01.05.2023 Switzerland! Green Desert will be screened at the 8th edition of the OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival which has a focus on Art House Films.

01.05.2023 Hello Greece! Green Desert will have its Greek Premiere at the Photometria in Motion 2023 Programme, which is part of the 15. Photometria International Photography Festival where Martin Parr will be the jury of the photography competition. 

03.11.2022 Green Desert was featured in the latest OE Magazine article! I enjoyed talking to the editor Lucy Rowan about the making of the film and some future projects. Read the full interview here. ❤ 

20.10.2022 Green Desert was awarded ‚Best Experimental‘ at the 13th Austrian Film Festival in Vienna, Austria!
The festival screens independent Austrian productions every year at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna, Austria: https://www.schikaneder.at/kino/schwerpunkte/schwerpunkt_detail?schwerpunkt_id=1567433410811

13.10.2022 Wonderful News – Green Desert (orig. title: Grüne Wüste) is going to be shown twice at the Lima Alterna International Film Festival, presented by the Culture Ministry of Peru. The film is available on the Peruvian Streaming platform Cineaparte (https://www.cineaparte.com/p/2767/green-desert) (only available in Peru) for the duration of the festival.

08.08.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE/GREEN DESERT will be competing in the short film category of the 16. Fünf Seen Filmfestival (International Five Lakes Film Festival) in Munich, Germany! 

„Das beste aus 450 Einsendungen: 27 Kurzfilme konkurrieren in vier Programmen um das „Goldene Glühwürmchen“!
Hier und auf unserer Website (Link in der Bio) könnt ihr euch bereits einen Überblick über die Teilnehmer verschaffen!“
„The best of 450 submissions: 27 short films are competing in four programs for the „Goldenes Glühwürmchen! More Infos on the participants on our website!“
(source:FSFF Instagram)

Festival Website: https://www.fsff.de/home/cm/fff-current-n-list/index.html

GRÜNE WÜSTE/ GREEN DESERT in the film catalogue: https://www.fsff.de/home/cm/fff-current-n-filmarchiv/index.12116.html

05.08.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE/GREEN DESERT is traveling to North Macedonia! Tetova International Film Festival decided to include the film into its WIN-PANORAMA/Student Short Film competition. 

01.08.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE/GREEN DESERT selected for this year’s Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival in Hungary taking place in October 2022.  

25.05.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE (engl. Green Desert) was selected for the Main Competition of the 14th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival !

The official Festival Press Release: (translated by Google;))
During the month of June, OFF will present other program contents and special guests. The 14th edition of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival this summer brings over 40 films, and special emphasis, as every year, is placed on the OFF Short – Wolf Competition, which will present 14 films this year. The selector of this year’s selection is the director Ado Hasanović, who, after watching more than two hundred short films, chose the best. This year’s selection of OFF Shorts – Wolf Competition will feature a total of 14 countries, which is a record number of countries participating in one edition of OFF. The films in the selection are: Notte romana by Valerio Ferrara (Italy), Vlada goes to London by Arti Savchenko (Israel), What do you think? by Ioana Vatamanu-Margineanu (Moldova), The Lark (Ševa) by Katarina Krstić (Serbia), I should Go by Sara Ristić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Adio by Karlo Gagulić (Croatia), Ficciones by Teo Planell, Alejandra Kikidis ), Bits by Áron Horváth (Slovenia), On Your Behalf by Ana Garcia Rico (UK), Milk tooth by Boris Gavrilović (Germany), Victoria by Lukas Grevis (Luxemburg), Green Desert by Carolina Schmidt (Austria), Vera by Hana Bucalija (Kosovo), Cocon by Lisette Vlassak (Netherlands). “Watching films for selection is for me like a journey through time where I find myself. What I see in the films as I select them are the simple stories and the naturalness of the actors. I focus a lot on authors who are honest and whose films provoke my emotion, also on films that have some unusual elements and madness, but that these are films that are simple and have something human in them. „- said Ado Hasanović, director of the short program OFF. This year’s 14th Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is held from 19-23. July at four Festival locations. This year’s Festival, in addition to competitive selections, will also present the talent program OFF New Generation, the educational program OFF Film School, which starts on June 10, 2022. years. As part of the Festival, two concerts will be held this year. During the month of June, OFF will present other program contents and special gues

10.04.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE (Green Desert) screened at FUTURE SHORTS by Offscreen Salzburg – Offenes Filmforum Salzburg

01.04.2022 GRÜNE WÜSTE (Green Desert) selected for Flimmern & Rauschen 2022 @Gasteig München

10.10.2021 GRÜNE WÜSTE (Green Desert) screened at Cinema Next: Junges Kino Österreich program „Ein Fest des jungen Films“ @DasKino Salzburg